An exposure visit to Nashik’s Municipal Corporation – showcasing international partnership program on ground

GIZ India and Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance as part of its programme “Action Learning and Exposure Programme” (ALEP) organised an exposure visit at Nashik for mid-level government officials and professionals working in partner institutions to widen expertise and knowhow in effective management of international cooperation.

The meeting between ALEP participants, the Mayor, the Commissioner and the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) officials was organized on January 30 – 31, 2014 at Nashik. A presentation on the work done by GIZ with NMC, the ongoing projects on ground and the experiences of NMC was done my NMC officials. Question & answer sessions followed the presentations. The overall project management from both sides i.e. NMC & GIZ was explained in detail by NMC professionals. In the meeting NMC officials also shared their learning experiences of working with GIZ on various projects.

The team then visited Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) Treatment Plant at Pathardi, Nashik. The MSWM plant at Nashik is a successful example of Indo-German Development Cooperation work between NMC and GIZ. The Executive Engineer, SWM and the Plant Head accompanied the participants during the site visit and explained the functioning of the plant. The Health Officer also took the group to one of the electoral ward to show the collection and transportation system for MSWM.

The participants therein met the authorities of Maharashtra Environmental Engineering Training & Research Academy (MEETRA).  The role of MEETRA as a capacity strengthening institute was discussed with the participants. The training & workshops conducted by GIZ with the cooperation of MEETRA was the highlight of the discussion.

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The exposure visit was a knowledge sharing experience for the participants.

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