How to Use Electric Rice Cooker: Simple Steps for Perfect Rice

How to Use Electric Rice Cooker

Do you struggle with cooking rice on the stove? Are you tired of unevenly cooked rice or having to constantly check on it? Using an electric rice cooker can make your life easier and help you achieve perfect rice every time.

In this section, we will guide you through the simple steps on how to use electric rice cooker effectively. You will learn the basic instructions and useful tips to achieve perfectly cooked rice every time.

How to Use Electric Rice Cookers?

Using an electric rice cooker is a simple and convenient way to make perfect rice every time. Here are some easy-to-follow instructions:

Step 1: Measure Your Rice and Water

Measure the rice using the measuring cup that comes with your electric rice cooker. Generally, one cup of uncooked rice and two cups of water are used to make two cups of cooked rice. Adjust the measurements according to the number of servings you need.

Step 2: Rinse Your Rice

Rinse the rice thoroughly with cold water until the water runs clear. This will remove any excess starch and impurities.

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Step 3: Add Water and Rice to the Cooker

Add the rinsed rice to the inner pot of the electric rice cooker. Then, add the appropriate amount of water according to your rice cooker’s instructions. Make sure that the water level is slightly above the rice.

Step 4: Select the Cooking Setting

Select the appropriate cooking setting according to the type of rice you are cooking. Most rice cookers have options for white rice, brown rice, and other types of grains.

Step 5: Start the Cooking Process

Close the lid and turn on your rice cooker. It will automatically switch off once the rice is cooked. Do not lift the lid during cooking, as this will release the steam and affect the cooking time.

Step 6: Let It Rest

Allow the rice to rest for about 10-15 minutes after it is cooked. This will ensure that the rice grains absorb all the moisture and become fluffy.

Remember to follow the instructions that come with your electric rice cooker. With these simple steps, you can make perfect rice using your electric rice cooker every time.

Tips for Cooking with a Rice Cooker

Cooking rice in an electric rice cooker is easy. But with a few basic tips, you can prepare rice that’s fluffy, flavorful and perfect every time. Here are some tips for cooking with an electric rice cooker:

1. Choose the right rice

The first step to making perfect rice is choosing the right rice type. Basmati and long-grain rice are popular choices for Indian households. These types of rice require a 1:2 ratio of rice to water.

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2. Rinse the rice

Before cooking the rice, it’s important to rinse it properly. This removes any excess starch and dust and ensures that your rice cooks evenly. Rinse the rice under cold water until the water runs clear.

3. Measure the rice and water precisely

For perfect rice, it’s essential to measure the rice and water accurately. A good rule of thumb is to use 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water. But different types of rice require different amounts of water. Check the instructions on the rice packaging for the correct measurements.

4. Add flavor to your rice

For a tasty twist, you can add flavors to your rice. You can add a dash of salt, a knob of butter or ghee, or some spices, such as cumin seeds, cloves, or cardamom pods, to the rice before cooking. You can also add vegetables, such as peas, carrots, or corn, to the rice for a colorful and healthy touch.

5. Let the rice rest before serving

Once the rice cooker has switched off, let the rice rest for a few minutes before serving. This allows any excess moisture to be absorbed and your rice to fluff up. Ideally, leave the rice to rest for around 10 minutes before serving.

By following these tips, you can create delicious, fluffy rice that’s perfect every time. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of rice and flavors to find your perfect recipe!

Troubleshooting and Safety Tips for Electric Rice Cookers

While an electric rice cooker in India is designed to make cooking rice a breeze, sometimes things can go wrong. Here are some common issues and troubleshooting solutions to help you make the most of your rice cooker:

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Rice comes out too dry or hardAdd more water to the rice cooker before starting the cooking process. If the rice cooker has already stopped cooking and the rice is still not fully cooked, add some hot water to the rice and stir it gently. Resume cooking for a few more minutes.
Rice is too mushy or wetUse less water than recommended in the rice cooker instructions. If the rice is already cooked but too wet, remove the excess water and leave the rice in the rice cooker for a few more minutes to dry out.
Steam leaks from the rice cooker lidCheck if the lid is properly secured and sealed. If not, adjust the lid until it’s tightly closed. If the problem persists, clean the lid and the rim of the cooker to ensure they are free from any debris.
Rice cooker does not turn onMake sure the power cord is plugged in properly and the switch is turned on. If that doesn’t work, check the outlet with another appliance to ensure it’s working.

It’s important to keep in mind the following safety tips when using an electric rice cooker:

  • Always read the instructions included with your rice cooker before using it for the first time.
  • Do not touch the exterior of the rice cooker while it’s in use, as it can get very hot.
  • Do not immerse the rice cooker in water or any other liquid.
  • Use only utensils made of wood or plastic to stir the rice and remove it from the cooker.
  • Unplug the rice cooker and let it cool down completely before cleaning it.
  • Store the rice cooker in a dry and safe place, away from children and pets.

By following these troubleshooting and safety tips, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable cooking experience with your electric rice cooker.


Congratulations! You are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to use your electric rice cooker to always prepare delicious, fluffy rice. You no longer have to worry about undercooked or burnt rice by following the simple steps and instructions.

Don’t forget to experiment with different rice cooker settings and flavors to create unique and tasty rice dishes. And, always keep in mind the essential safety tips to ensure you use your rice cooker efficiently and safely.

Enjoy your perfectly cooked rice!

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