Hypnos Mattress Review – Is It Worth?

Hypnos Mattress Review

In this Hypnos Mattress Review, we will explore the comfortdurability, and quality of sleep this mattress offers, making it an ideal choice for India’s savvy mattress seekers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hypnos is a well-known brand of premium mattresses in India.
  • They offer various mattress collections to cater to different sleep needs.
  • Each mattress is designed with unique features and specifications.
  • Hypnos mattresses are made with different layers of foam to provide optimal support and comfort.
  • They come with varying warranty periods and are available in various sizes.

Now, let’s dive deeper into the world of Hypnos mattresses and see why they are a top choice for those seeking the perfect night’s sleep.

Hypnos Mattress Collections

Hypnos offers a range of collections to cater to different sleep needs, including options for heavy sleepers, light sleepers, those with back pain, and those seeking luxury and comfort. With their premium mattresses, Hypnos ensures you can find the perfect mattress in India to suit your preferences, resulting in a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

Hypnos Mattress Review - Is It Worth? 1
Hypnos Memorio Mattress

One of their notable collections is the “Foamera” series, which combines the support of memory foam with the comfort of a traditional mattress. This collection is ideal for those who prefer a balance between contouring support and a plush feel.

If you’re a fan of a firmer mattress, the “Furno” collection is designed with you in mind. It offers superior back support and is recommended for individuals with back pain.

For those seeking luxurious comfort, the “Inspree” collection blends natural materials such as cashmere and wool for a sumptuous feel. This collection provides a genuinely lavish sleeping experience.

Meanwhile, the “Memorio” and “Memorio Ult” collections are engineered to adapt to your body’s shape, providing exceptional pressure relief and personalized comfort.

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Additional options include the “Mirage” collection, designed for light sleepers who require minimal motion transfer, and the “Spinesafe” collection, which offers targeted support to alleviate back pain.

Lastly, the “Panorama” collection is perfect for those seeking a mattress with a medium-firm feel and excellent durability.

FoameraMemory foam support with traditional mattress comfortMedium firmness, hypoallergenic
FurnoSuperior back supportFirm, orthopaedic design
InspreeNatural materials for luxurious comfortBreathable, plush feel
MemorioAdapts to body shape for personalized comfortPressure relief, medium firmness
Memorio UltEnhanced pressure relief and comfortMedium to firm support, hypoallergenic
MirageMinimizes motion transfer for light sleepersMedium softness, edge support
SpinesafeTargeted support for back pain reliefFirm, orthopedic design
PanoramaMedium-firm feel with excellent durabilityBreathable, cool sleeping surface

With their range of collections, Hypnos ensures that every individual can find the perfect mattress to suit their unique sleep needs. From premium comfort to targeted support, Hypnos mattresses cover you for a blissful night’s sleep.

Layers and Construction

Hypnos mattresses are carefully constructed with multiple layers of foam, such as memory foamPU foam, and bonded foam, to ensure optimal support and comfort. Each layer is thoughtfully designed to provide specific benefits for a restful sleep experience.

  • The top layer of memory foam conforms to the body’s contours, offering pressure relief and reducing motion transfer. This helps to minimize disturbances from restless sleep partners and promotes deeper, undisturbed sleep.
  • The middle layer of PU foam provides additional support, helping to align the spine and reduce discomfort caused by improper sleep posture.
  • The bottom layer of rebonded foam adds stability and durability to the mattress, ensuring it maintains its shape and support over time.

By combining these different foam layers, Hypnos mattresses create a harmonious blend of comfort and support.

Hypnos Mattress Review - Is It Worth? 2
Hypnos Inspree

The memory foam moulds to the body, cushioning pressure points, while the PU foam provides a firm and supportive base. The rebonded foam adds strength and longevity, ensuring the mattress retains its supportive qualities for years.

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Foam LayerBenefits
Memory Foam– Conforms to body contours
– Reduces motion transfer
– Provides pressure relief
PU Foam– Offers additional support
– Aligns the spine
– Reduces discomfort
Rebonded Foam– Adds stability and durability
– Maintains shape and support

Whether you prefer a plush or firm feel, Hypnos mattresses are designed to provide the perfect balance of support and comfort. Combining different foam layers ensures that each double bed mattress adapts to your body, offering personalized support and minimizing pressure points. This promotes healthy spinal alignment and allows for deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Warranty and Sizes

Hypnos mattresses come with varying warranty periods to provide peace of mind for customers, and they are available in a wide range of mattress sizes to suit individual needs.

Hypnos Mattress Review - Is It Worth? 3
Hypnos Foamera Mattress

The warranty periods offered by Hypnos ensure that you are protected against any manufacturing defects or faults that may arise during the specified period. With a comprehensive warranty, you can rest easy knowing your investment is safeguarded.

When it comes to sizes, Hypnos offers a variety of options to accommodate different preferences. Whether you prefer a single, double, queen, or king-sized mattress, you can find the perfect fit for your bedroom.

Hypnos also provides custom sizes for those with unique requirements or specific bed frames. This flexibility allows you to create a sleep environment tailored to your preferences.

Warranty Periods

Warranty PeriodDescription
10 yearsStandard warranty period for most Hypnos mattresses
15 yearsExtended warranty period for select premium mattresses
20 yearsExtended warranty period for top-tier luxury mattresses

Note: The warranty coverage may vary depending on the specific mattress model and brand. It is recommended to refer to the official Hypnos website or consult with an authorized retailer for precise warranty details.

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Optimal Comfort and Support

The main focus of Hypnos mattresses is to deliver optimal comfort and support, ensuring a restful sleep experience for users. These premium mattresses are designed with precision, taking into account the different sleep needs of individuals. Hypnos has the perfect mattress collection whether you are a heavy, light sleeper or someone dealing with back pain.

Hypnos Mattress Review - Is It Worth? 4
Hypnos Furno Mattress

One of the standout features of Hypnos mattresses is the use of multiple layers of foam, including memory foam, PU foam, and rebonded foam. These layers work together to support your body, cradling it in the right places and relieving pressure points. The memory foam conforms to your body’s contours, while the PU and rebonded foam add durability and stability to the mattress.

With eight different mattress types available, including the Foamera, Furno, Inspree, Memorio, Memorio Ult, Mirage, Spinesafe, and Panorama, Hypnos offers a wide range of options to suit every preference.

Whether you prefer a plush, medium, or firm mattress, a Hypnos mattress will meet your needs. Each mattress type has unique features and specifications, ensuring you find the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Choosing the Right Hypnos Mattress

When selecting a Hypnos mattress, it’s essential to consider your individual sleep needs. If you are a heavy sleeper looking for extra support, the Spinesafe mattress may be ideal.

If you suffer from back pain, the Memorial Ult bed mattress could be the perfect choice, with its superior pressure relief and spinal alignment properties. If luxury and comfort are your top priorities, the Panorama mattress’s sumptuous layers of foam will provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience.

Mattress TypeFeaturesSpecifications
FoameraMedium-Firm ComfortThickness: 8 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
MirageFirm ComfortThickness: 10 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
InspreePlush ComfortThickness: 12 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
MemorioMedium ComfortThickness: 10 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
Memorio UltPlush Comfort with Superior Pressure Relief and Spinal AlignmentThickness: 12 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
FurnoFirm ComfortThickness: 8 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
SpinesafeFirm Comfort with Extra SupportThickness: 10 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam
PanoramaLuxurious ComfortThickness: 14 inches; Foam Layers: Memory Foam, PU Foam, and Rebonded Foam

Investing in a Hypnos mattress ensures superior comfort and support and comes with the peace of mind of a warranty. Hypnos offers different warranty periods for their mattresses, providing added protection for your investment. Additionally, these mattresses are available in various sizes to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a single, queen, or king-size mattress.

Experience the ultimate comfort and support for a restful sleep with a Hypnos mattress. Explore the different collections and mattress types to find the perfect fit for your sleep needs. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to rejuvenating sleep with a Hypnos mattress.

the Last Line on Hypnos Mattress Review

With collections designed to cater to different sleep needs, Hypnos provides options for heavy sleepers, light sleepers, those with back pain, and those seeking luxury and comfort.

Experience the ultimate combination of luxury, support, and comfort with Hypnos mattresses, and enjoy nights of rejuvenating sleep like never before. Please don’t settle for less when it comes to your sleep. Choose Hypnos, the trusted brand that ensures you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.

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